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Europe Energy Products is a young company which is growing swiftly. We are active in the trade flows to and from Biogas installations. The products we trade are supplied directly by the supplier to the end user. As a result of many years’ experience in this business, we have developed a wide network within which we cooperate and provide solutions. Our network covers home and abroad, mainly in Europe but also in other global markets.

With our wide range of expertise and experience we can become an extension of your business.

Our products

  • Hygienised manure (EG 142/2011)
  • Chicken manure
  • Broiler manure1
  • Bio burner
  • Fertiliser granules
  • Straw
  • Hay
  • Lucerne pellets/hay
  • Grain (wheat/barley)
  • Grain residues
  • Oatmeal flour

Why us?

Why choose us:

We make use of a wide network as a result of which we can buy and sell very keenly. With our years of experience we can support you with advice and solutions.

We can also provide continuity and excellent quality. We love clean lines and accurate, correct finishing.